I often have clients and students tell me that it’s more difficult than ever to find information online that is authentic or accurate.  Much of what is being shared is sensationalized or distorted in some way to grab our attention and to pull us in.  This is especially difficult when we’re looking for alternative or metaphysical information.  Over twenty years ago, the info that was published was generally accurate and for the most part, the intention of its authors was a genuine desire to help people and share what they know.  I feel that, in our current technological era, we’ve lost touch with this intention.

This is one of the biggest reasons why I wrote ‘Ethics in Energy Medicine’ and why I created Wisdom House.  I have always approached the human experience from a very grounded place.  Whether I’m talking about psychology, personal development, emotional literacy, intuition, energetic practices or deep philosophical or metaphysical topics, my approach is the same.  I value wisdom, which I consider to be knowledge that has been both earned and applied.  This allows for a practical, common-sense approach to topics that many of us find to be difficult and confusing, and the people I work with tend to appreciate that.

Wisdom = Earned Knowledge

My desire for Wisdom House is that it be a safe, comfortable space where we build a new wiser world together through the practices of authenticity, awareness, connection, and the sharing of earned knowledge.  We will explore all of the above topics and more.

Authenticity ~ Awareness ~ Connection ~ Sharing

Because Wisdom House is a member-driven organization, I obviously encourage you to connect with one another, but connection also means so much more than that.  I work with so many folks who are struggling because they have lost connection with themselves, with their own beautiful true nature, with their earth, and with their greater truth or purpose, whatever that truth may be.  Our new wiser world is budding before us, and within us, and with that comes unique challenges.  One of the most crucial challenges is the driving need to re-connect with what we have become disconnected from.  Unfortunately, we don’t understand what that is, so we look for that connection in all the wrong places.  My hope is that you will look here first, for real information that can help you.

As a member, I encourage you to practice authenticity in your House interactions.  That means being able to access and to own your inner self in an honest way.  The only way to interact authentically with one another is if we first interact authentically with ourselves.  Your own inner perspectives are the most important things for you to discover.  Secondly, being willing to own those perspectives is paramount to healthy interactions.  Thirdly, it’s essential to recognize that there is a vast difference between a perspective and a truth.  Because of this, I encourage you to honor that what might feel true for you, doesn’t necessarily feel true for another person.  If you need help with any of this, you’re in the right place. We’ll be talking about this topic a lot.

The best way to learn authenticity is through a practice of awareness.  Awareness of self, and an awareness of others.  I advocate for a practice of awareness in every moment, which can be learned through any type of mindfulness technique.  It is simple to do and yet the most profoundly important tool you can ever adopt.  Once you are aware or in touch with your inner needs and motivations, then it’s much easier to own them and then communicate them in a way that feels right to you, and is respectful of others.  I firmly believe that a practice of self-awareness is so absolutely tatamount and powerful that it, in itself, is what will build our new wiser world! As within, so without.  So yes, we’ll be talking about this topic a lot too!

Finally, I encourage you to share wise information.  This is the whole point of the House. Remember, wisdom is about learned knowledge or applied knowledge.  It should be designed to help someone authentically. In other words, the expectation is that we share information that is grounded and real, that came from your own experience.  I am not a fan of pat answers, diatribes or concepts that are simply regurgitated without thought, or biased, one-sided perspectives that do not allow room for a person’s unique individuality or experience.  These types of comments are invalidating and harmful to our psyche.  So please share wisdom only.  A hint for sharing stories: If you made it through a difficult experience, what was your take-away? How can it help someone else? What healthy, balanced perspective did you gain?

My role in Wisdom House? I think of myself as House Mother. It’s my job to impart as much wise information as possible that I think will help you to be healthy and whole. I’m going to inform and support you. I’m going to encourage you to be as real as possible and to love yourself. I’m going to hold you to the rules of the house, because those are important. I’m going to stand beside you, with you, hold your hand when you need it, point you in the right direction, give you a hug, love you when you forget how beautiful you are, and remind you that there is a purpose to your life.

So welcome to my House!

I’m so excited to build this new wiser world with you!!

~Heidi <3