I’m calling you, Soul Warrior. You know who you are. You are my army. After years – decades – of what should have been rest for you, but what ended up being a struggle instead, I’m calling you to me. I’m calling you into action. What the world has put you through has wounded you, but you are not broken. You are a warrior. You always have been, and your time is now. You are needed now. Given love and tender care, your wounds will heal. You can give that tender care to yourself, and still come forward to the fight. There is a battle being waged, and it is the battle for humanity’s survival.

Do we ascend? Do we transcend into a conscious level so that we can continue? Or do we die unconsciously and apocalyptically like the movies would have us believe? At this time in our human history, we are being faced with a choice. I believe that we can ascend, that we can succeed. That we can collectively move forward. That we the warriors can tip the scales in favor of consciousness, peace, harmony, Oneness – with the earth and with one another. This is my call to action. I’m calling you, Soul Warrior. Heal your wounds and come forward. Stand with me, fight with me. Build the loving, joyous world that you know in your heart, and have always known, is possible.

I will show you how to tend your wounds. I will show you how to heal them. More than that, I will show you how to use them – how to gain strength from them, and how to live the life that you always thought was possible.

Your wounds are not fatal. They weren’t designed to stop you or to hold you back. Your wounds were designed to teach you. They have shown you the nature of our fight, the innermost workings of our battle, our struggle – the nature of our enemy. What wounded you, and your perception of those wounds – that is the information we needed to arm ourselves with. You were given a long glimpse into its true nature, and that is the very core of our strength. Because of that struggle, we now know the most intimate details of what we face in the field. Because of our wounds, it has nothing left to hide and so it cannot win. Unconsciousness and its bedfellows – poverty, injustice, slavery, greed, hate, conflict – they can transcend into conscious awareness because of our courage and our faith.

This is your call to action, my Soul Warriors. Don’t for one second believe that your wounds stop you from doing what you came here to do. There is a purpose to your life, a grand plan, and now is the time for you to live it – to take up your banner or your flag or your words, and to fight for that truth in your soul. Fight for your right to live with love, with purity, with honesty, with equality, in harmony.

The cosmos itself has aligned for this grand purpose, and there is a deep part of you that has been riddled with anxiety or sadness or grief because you’ve always known that this wiser world was possible. But the time just wasn’t right, and so you might have felt lost and you might have felt abandoned. You might have felt like hiding or giving up, and I’m here to tell you that, after all of your waiting, and after all of your wounds, now is the time. Now is the time for us to step up, to show up. Everything has aligned. The cycles of the cosmos, the cycles of our galaxy, our universe, our Earth – the cycles within cycles have all aligned. So now it’s time. We can choose to move into the radiant Golden Age together.

Stand with me now. Help me to build this new paradigm, this new wiser world.

Come, Soul Warriors, come!

~Heidi <3