“Truth was true, and lies were lies, and we thought love would never die. But the world moved on, my illusions gone, and I don’t know who to blame.”  ~Lionel Richie

Sound familiar? 🙂 We can all relate to those lyrics!

We really do have to acknowledge what is happening in our world. We have to see what is wrong so that we can understand how to change it. After all:

We can only change what we first acknowledge.

But we can’t just stay in the acknowledgement phase. That’s overwhelming and makes us feel helpless; makes us want to hide away from the world.  Makes us want to place blame.

We don’t build a better, wiser world by focusing on what’s wrong. We build it by focusing on a solution.

Moving into a place of wisdom means shifting from a space of seeing what’s wrong and placing blame to a space of accepting responsibility for our own part and then doing something to change that.  Blaming people for what they don’t have or aren’t doing isn’t productive. Instead, we help and encourage them to be an active part of the solution. We do that best by being a living example of that solution. In other words, we walk our talk.

If we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem.

But I’m going to encourage you to think even deeper than that.

Have you heard of the theory of the holographic universe? If we feel in chaos, it should not surprise us that the world is in chaos. We are the world. We are the microcosm of the macrocosm – the smaller identical example of the larger. What happens inside of us, happens in our world. We are a contributing factor to the whole. We can’t not be. If we want our planet to walk out of the chaos it’s in, we need to find a way to walk ourselves out of our own inner chaos. That is the solution.

As within, so without.

It’s the Butterfly Effect. How we feel about ourselves affects our relationships with our loved ones, our friends, our communities, our societies, our countries, our globe, our universe. So each and every one of us holds not the responsibility but the power to change all of it by changing how we think about ourselves. Every loving thought we have about ourselves goes out into the world. Every time we decide to step beyond fear, we allow the world to do the same!

Now one step further:

When we can recognize that the darkness (fear) and lack that lives within others is the same darkness (fear) and lack that lives within us – when we can truly embrace that understanding, not just intellectually but emotionally – then we most certainly begin to realize that we and those ‘others’ are One and that we must honour that Oneness on every level of our being even when we are not directly relating to one another.

This is the beginning of wisdom.

“The end of fear is where we begin.” ~Goo Goo Dolls

Yup I’m lovin’ song lyrics today!! 😀