I was walking a client through the process of using her intuition to gather information on behalf of someone else. We were discussing the importance of not only paying attention to everything that you notice when you’re in an intuitive zone, but the extra importance of relaying or reporting every single thing that you see, sense, feel, hear, taste or smell.

Everything that happens within that zone is important and needs to be related to a client verbatim.  That means relaying every single detail in exactly the way that it was received, without censoring it, judging it, needing to understand it, interpreting it or even translating it.  If you see a ball of pink light, for example, don’t say you saw the colour pink.  Say you saw a ball of pink light.  The information is for another person, and we never know what information may or may not be relevant to that person.  It’s not our job to anticipate what another person needs or to understand the information ourselves.  After all, the info isn’t for us.  It’s for them.

To demonstrate, I asked her to tell me what she envisioned when I said that I see a train on a track.  She said she could picture a large passenger train full of people moving fast on a wide track in the country, surrounded by open fields and coniferous trees.  She said it would make her wonder if she was going to take a trip.

Then I told her that just last week, when a student of mine was gathering intuitive information, she had said that she saw “a train on a track”.  Upon further investigation, I discovered that what she actually saw was a small wooden toy train being moved along a tiny fake track by a little boy sitting in his pyjamas in his bedroom.

“Wow,” said my client, “didn’t that conjure up a different image in my head, and a totally different potential message!”

Yes. That was my point.

We can mislead our clients when we don’t relay exactly what we saw or heard in exactly the same way that we saw or heard it, without alteration of any kind.  I can’t stress this enough with my students and clients.  Specific images and specific words or emotions come for very specific reasons.  It’s not for us to know those reasons.  It is our job to receive and relay it, exactly as it came.  Instead of misleading or interfering, this pure, unedited flow of information allows our clients to be empowered in making wise decisions for themselves.


I’ve spent 40 years doing this – I can help you!  If you would like help or clarity with the intuitive process, I offer indvidual training in the form of Wisdom Sessions to help you grow your intuition stronger and wiser.  I offer Supervision Sessions for practitioners who want to do the same.

If you’d like more info on the intuitive process and its considerations, check out my book Ethics in Energy Medicine.

~Heidi <3