As we’re approaching the 1-year anniversary of the release of my book, I felt the urge to say a few words about why I wrote it!

Ethics is a hot topic around the globe, right now, and it applies to every profession and every aspect of our lives.  It’s about more than a standard of practice or care – it’s about who we are as human beings, and how we can be human in a healthy and balanced way.

I wanted to try to contribute to that balance and health by sharing my experiences and knowledge garnered from the past 40 years of living deep in the world of intuition and energy medicine, and also from the past 20 years of working professionally within the Psychology world as a Counsellor.

This book isn’t just for practitioners, although it is geared towards them.  By reading about pracitioner standards, my hope was to also, in turn, inform consumers of their rights.  By knowing what kinds of standards practitioners are encouraged to follow, we also know what to look for when we hire someone to engage in intuitive or energetic work on our behalf.  It’s a buyer-beware market out there, and as energy medicine becomes more and more mainstream, more and more practitioners are offering their wares.  Unfortunately, as with all professions, not everyone is offering them ethically.

Over the past year, when I’ve talked to practitioners about my book, I’ve generally had one of two responses. The first response warms my heart and gives me hope.  The second response truly worries me.

The first response is one of genuine excitement that someone is broaching the topic of ethics in this field.  These practitioners see the need for us to be having these conversations, since they have also borne witness to unethical practices over the years, as have I.  These are also other teachers who are already trying diligently to instill ethical codes among their students.

The second response I witness is a knee-jerk type of reaction – a response based in a perception that if I want to have a conversation with them about ethics, that I am automatically presuming that they are behaving UNethically.  Their defensive hackles rise, and they tell me in no uncertain terms that they already practice ethically, and have no need of such a book.  They won’t even crack the cover or allow me to talk to them.  They just walk away.  This worries me because, well, quite frankly – we can ALWAYS do better.  All of us.  There is always more to learn, and being ethical means also being open to what else there is to explore.  If you’re not even willing to have the conversation, what does that say about the way that you conduct your practice?

I’m the first to admit in my book that I unwittingly behaved unethically in my earlier years as an intuitive and empath – simply because my abilities were blown wide open, I had no one to talk to about it, and I didn’t know any better.  I see other people having those same experiences now, more than ever.

We’ve reached a point in our human evolution where our intuitive abilities are being blown wide open.  People everywhere are “opening” and “awakening” and need a way to understand and manage their experiences in a healthy way.  Much of the information that can be found online is confusing, misleading, misinformed, or without substance.  Many books published now are designed to offer fluff – one page of info stretched into 250 pages – in order to sell you more books in the future.

I wanted to offer empowered, grounded, solid, reality-based information, and a model that anyone can use TODAY, whether it be in their personal lives or their professional practice.

Oh, and by the way – I started Wisdom House as a place where we could continue to have these conversations.  I hope you find them useful.  I offer monthly memberships as a way to keep this site absolutely 100% free of advertisements – please consider joining.  Or, feel free to browse hundreds of free articles.

As for my book, if you haven’t picked up a copy yet, now is a good time! Both and are offering a huge discount!

We’re at an interesting time in human history – never before have our intuitive abilities been this accessible to us. Never before has the energy world been this visible.  With this, comes an additional responsibility to use this new world and interact with it WISELY.  I hope you’ll join me in having these important conversations with whomever you can!

Happy Anniversary!