I’m a fan of losing your shit in a healthy way vs an unhealthy one. Beat up a punching bag or smash a tennis ball against the wall. Punch your pillow, scream into your pillow. (my own pillow takes a lot of abuse and I make sure to thank it regularly!)

We all need to release pent-up stuff so that it doesn’t turn inward and start eating us up inside. Or so it doesn’t present as depression, which it often can.

Stuffing things down when what they really need is release – is never a healthy option.

How do you know when to release? Well… if you feel like smashing something, that’s a sure sign. There are places in big cities now that have “smashing rooms” designed for just such a purpose. Again, I’m not a fan of breaking things because that just tends to contribute to our worldwide waste problem… there are other ways.

I used to love going to the squash court to smash the ball as hard as I could! The release was exhilarating at the time and peace-inducing afterwards!

Feel free to leave your suggestions – they might help someone! 💙

P.S. We tend to fall into one of two categories in our response styles – we fight or we flee. Fleers tend to be able to release stuff using more passive methods like yoga or meditation.

Fighters tend to need a more aggressive action in order to release. So just know that what works for you may not work for someone else. I’m listing fight-type releases here because I’m a fighter and it tends to be harder for us to release safely and respectfully…

Happy releasing!

~Heidi <3