Our intuition can often “sound” like our own voice in our heads, so sometimes it can be confusing. We can pass it off as a fleeting thought, or we can mistake a thought for intuition.

Here are some easy tips on how to recognize or trust your intuitive flow or information:

Intuition Comes Before Thought

  • Intuition is not thought – it arrives in our awareness in the split second BEFORE thought.
  • Your mind (your thoughts) will question its validity. This is what our minds do. Not a problem – just choose which one you will focus on.
  • The more you choose to focus on it, the stronger it gets – that goes for either one, your intuition or your thoughts.

Our First Response

  • When we ask a question, our intuition always answers.
  • We can miss the answer because it happened fast, we weren’t paying attention, or didn’t know how to, or we didn’t know what to look for. Info is usually subtle, quiet and fast, not bells and whistles and alarm signals.
  • Our intuition responds to our questions immediately – it’s the very first thing that pops into our mind, awareness or body, before we have a chance to “think” about it.

Our Primary Learning Style

  • Intuitive information comes without any emotional attachment.
  • Info comes most easily through your primary learning style – visual, auditory or kinesthetic (seeing, hearing, feeling).
  • Info can come as a knowing, sense, thought, sensation, impression, gut feeling, inkling, inspiration, flow, image, sound, words, idea, impulse, awareness, understanding…

Based in Truth

  • If things don’t work out or come to pass, it doesn’t mean your intuition was wrong.  You can still trust it.
  • Intuitive messages are based in truth and potentialities.  Both of these things can change from one moment to the next with free will.  Adjust for that and check in again.
  • Applying your intuitive knowing to 3D reality can be tricky – larger cosmic truths interacting with human free will make for interesting and often challenging scenarios. 

Not A Gift

  • Intuition is a basic human ability – it is not a “gift” that is given to some and not others.  
  • We are born with our intuitive abilities intact. Anyone who watches a baby knows that they talk to invisible people and see things that adults don’t. 
  • As we age, the adults in our lives encourage us to disregard our intuitive abilities in order to better “fit” into our society’s limitations and expectations. But those abilities never go away – they’re always there and available, and we can learn to focus on them once again.

Happy intuiting!

~Heidi <3