“Conditions” are a natural part of our human experience. We all have them. When used in healthy ways, we call them boundaries – they’re soft limits that define our existence and allow us a certain level of comfort.  

Some of us have too many boundaries, or unhealthy ones (conditions) in an attempt to keep ourselves safe, and it can be good to practice being unconditional in order to stretch ourselves emotionally. 

Some of us don’t have enough boundaries – we may call ourselves unconditional – and this can enable or encourage poor behaviour in our relationships.

The lack of boundaries in unhealthy scenarios keeps us stuck in a loop of trauma, which often feels familiar to us. And so we stay in situations that aren’t good for us, or we keep returning to them voluntarily. (Even though it may not feel voluntary).

The key is to maintain a place of balance in-between – a middle space inside of us where our boundaries allow healthy experiences into our lives and enable us to let go of unhealthy ones because we’re using our energy to heal our trauma instead of maintaining it.

And yes, I do believe we have all experienced a certain level of trauma in our lives. All of us.

~Heidi 💙