Prejudice surfaces in all kinds of ways. It’s not uni-directional. 

You can be old and ageist.

You can be black and racist.

You can be disabled and ableist.

It’s in all of us.

I think of all the people who self-hate. I think of all the people who have been oppressed who become the oppressors. I think of fat people who judge other fat people. 

I think of all the times that a friend forty years my senior told me, “You just wait til you get old – you don’t know what it’s like to have this kind of pain, to have a body that doesn’t work properly.” Said to me, a person whose body has never worked properly, and was suffering from a debilitating and chronic illness at the time it was said.

Our biases are systemic in nature – we are, at all times, tapped into the collective unconscious that upholds them. We may consciously choose to make unbiased choices, but if our larger human unconsciousness is still rooted in us-them combative thinking, which it is, then we experience that polarity within ourselves.

As a vital part of that collective, we hold the power of change in our hands. Every time we self-reflect upon the biases or prejudices that surface within us, and make a wiser choice, we transform the whole. By doing our own work, we enable the world around us the opportunity to lift itself out of its entrenchment.

Be an #agentofchange#agentoftransformation

~Heidi <3