In this room, we learn wise tips and tools that keep us healthy and sane!

Everything from Psychological tips to Intuitive and Energetic tools that you can pull out and use. Ways to improve your health and wellbeing and encouragements to help us get through every day!


We FEEL To Live

We FEEL to live just as much as we EAT to live. Yet can you imagine never learning anything at all about food, denying the existence of food, withholding food, resenting food, fighting or repressing food, thinking food is bad or unnecessary, or only for girls? We can...

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Humanity is An Ocean

It's easy to over-generalize when it comes to people behaving badly in the world or making poor decisions that affect us all.  We can think that, because one drop of water is "bad" or "tainted", that the whole ocean must be too. Over-generalization is a tricky...

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Peace Requires Acceptance

It may sound obvious, but we wage war inside ourselves every day then wonder why we're never happy. Acceptance is the thing that we're all looking for. But we won't find it in the world around us. It has to come from within us. The acceptance we're craving is our own....

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When Things Don’t Fit

The process of "awakening" often involves breaking down and cracking open in order to know ourselves - the point being to reorder ourselves into a higher or healthier state of being. If things are breaking down for you, as they are for so many of us, take advantage of...

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It’s Not All About You

We can use other people as mirrors in our lives, and this can be a wonderful way to understand ourselves better and to grow.  But we can also then fall into the trap of thinking that everything is about us, when it's really not.  We can start to see other people's...

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