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I offer Counselling and Consulting services, as well as Supervision services for Alternative Practitioners.  You can find more information below, in the Shop, or on my main website www.heidilight.com.  If you’re interested in becoming a new client, please fill out the form below, and read my session policies that follow. Thank you for your interest! I’m excited to work with you!

New Client Application

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My role is to inform and support you – whether emotionally or energetically, personally or professionally.

Counselling – For personal support.  Sharing knowledge and helping you to build valuable lifelong skill sets that apply to every area of your life.  We all need validation, acceptance, and a non-jugemental perspective which allows us to understand ourselves in a healthy way. We also need tools that help us to forge a healthy path. For over twenty years, I have been a Counsellor, with a BA in Psychology and graduate training in Counselling. I’ve worked with individuals, couples, families and groups in a variety of clinical and private settings.

Clinical Hypnosis – My specialty is regression, to help my current counselling clients to access core emotional issues, and re-programming, to help those same clients to shift those issues.  My work is limited to adults who have made a conscious commitment to their ongoing personal growth, so all hypnosis sessions happen within ongoing counselling services only.  I don’t work with clients for smoking cessation or other habits or other physical, mental or life issues.  While in a hypnotic state, you are fully conscious & aware of what is happening, with no memory loss. You decide ahead of time what you would like help with, and you are fully in control at all times.  I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist in good standing with the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Wisdom Sessions – You are already wise!  You just need some help to access that wisdom – and that’s what these sessions are for.  Access your own inner wisdom, answers, intuition and healing.  Eliminate mental, emotional or energetic blocks to healing.  Connect with your awesome Self and start living your awesomeness today.  Wisdom Sessions will show you how!

Supervision – For professional support.  Despite what the name suggests, you’re not actually being “supervised” in these sessions.  We all need to talk about the work that we do, especially when it comes to the complicated and misunderstood fields of intuition and energy medicine.  In the field of Psychology, counsellors and therapists pursue Supervision sessions with other senior counsellors and therapists so they can talk about their work in a safe and confidential setting and in a manner that doesn’t breach their client’s privacy. Supervision sesssions are essentially professional counselling sessions with fellow practitioners in our field that allow us to discuss the implications and intricacies of our work and to explore our own inner work in relation to that. In my book, Ethics in Energy Medicine, I suggest that energy workers seek out similar supervision so that they can get the support that they need.  My role is to inform and support your role as an alternative practitioner. With over forty years of experience in the field of energy medicine, and over twenty years as a counsellor, I offer a wide and deep knowledge base with valuable insights and perspectives to help you maintain and grow your practice in healthy, balanced directions.

Consulting – For expert guidance.  Designed for individuals, agencies and organizations who wish to consult on psychological, intuitive or energetic topics. Topics include, but are not limited to, those we discuss here on Wisdom House.

Session Policies

Sessions are available in person at my office in Meaford, Ontario, or via Skype or FaceTime.

Counselling, consulting and supervision services are not intended to replace sound professional medical or psychiatric advice.  In filling out the above application form, you acknowledge that any information or services received are simply part of a complete scheme of care, prevention and well-being and must be approached as such, and that you understand that you assume responsibility for the way in which you choose to view & use the information that is being presented in a session.

Confidentiality – I adhere to a strict ethical code.  Any information shared within your session is strictly confidential and will be treated as such.  Information will only be shared if your written permission is requested and received, and then only that which is relevant to your treatment and progress will be shared with a specifically named professional.  Please note that for any communication that is conducted over the phone or via Skype or FaceTime or another electronic platform, it is not possible to guarantee the confidentiality of the information.

Consent – Appointments must be booked by you and cannot be booked by a third party unless that person has Power of Attorney rights. By saying “Yes” or “Y” to the last question above, you acknowledge that you understand my policies thoroughly.  This is called Informed Consent and I do not under any circumstances counsel, supervise or consult with a client without it.

Scope of Care  – I do not deal with crisis or emergency situations and I am not ‘on call’. Services are for adults only.  Sessions are designed to address the emotional and psychological aspects of everyday issues in everyday life.  They are not designed to address crisis, addiction or significant psychiatric issues.

Cancellations – Appointment times are booked well in advance.  If you need to cancel an appointment, there is a minimum of 48 hours notice required or you may be charged for your appointment.

Timing – It is expected that you will arrive on time for your scheduled appointment time so that treatment times can be ensured for everyone. If you are late for your appointment, you will still be charged starting at your scheduled appointment time.